Gynaecology Services

Gynaecology & Reproductive Medicine

Dr Webber offers gynaecology care throughout and after the reproductive years, whether this is for your first smear, choosing the right contraception, or for help with or after menopause transition.  If you are planning to start or add to your family, or if you are having challenges with this, Lisa will be able to discuss your options and help you make informed choices for treatment if required.  She is also experienced in female fertility preservation, both for medical and non-medical indications.  She can help with periods problems such as heavy, irregular or absent periods and specialises in reproductive endocrine conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian insufficiency and weight loss/exercise-related absent periods.

What to expect at an appointment

Dr Webber will discuss with you the reasons for your visit and, on your first appointment, will take a detailed history, including about any surgeries you may have had, medical problems, pregnancies and, if relevant, previous fertility treatments. She will want to know about any medications you take, whether these are prescribed or not. So you may like to bring a list with you. If you are allergic to any particular medicine, please bring the name of the drug with you. If you have periods, it may be helpful to have a note to hand of the date your last period started.

You are most welcome to bring your partner or a supporter/carer: should you be asked any questions that you do not wish to answer in front of your chosen companion, please feel free to indicate this.

If this is your first visit to a gynaecologist, you may be feeling a little nervous about needing an intimate examination.  These are only performed when indicated and only if you feel comfortable to do so.  A chaperone is available upon request.

Gynaecology Team


Dr Lisa Webber

Consultant Gynaecologist

Latifa Ezzouek

Personal Assistant


New consultation (60 min)

Follow up consultation (30 min)

Mirena & insertion

Copper coil (IUCD) & insertion





New consultation (60 min) - £300

Follow up consultation (30 min) - £220

Mirena & insertion - £160*

Copper coil (IUCD) & insertion - £70*

* plus consultation fee

Blood tests, scans, smears & swabs will be billed separately by the provider.

There is no fee in addition to that for the consultation for taking smears, swabs or removing a Mirena/coil in clinic.

Make an Enquiry about Gynaecology Services

Consultations can be at 90 Sloane Street or The Lindo Wing, St Mary’s Hospital. If you have an enquiry or would like to book a consultation then we would love to hear from you. Call us on 020 7402 2888, email us at or fill in the form below.

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